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Code of Conduct
Forum » Clan Important Documents » Important Documents
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2nd Jan 2014

Code of Conduct

All members of Next Level 99s must abide by the CoC.

1] NLGC has a no tolerance policy for racism, sexism, or harassment at ALL!!! Anyone who feels they need to do any of this will be put up for removal

2] NLGC leaders are responsible for organizing all aspects of the clan. This includes meetings, Game Nights, tournaments, ect.

3] NLGC is a family and members will treat everyone as such. We are here to game and have fun, not to cause drama.

4] All members of NLGC are to follow their chain of command at all times. This will ensure that the clan runs smoothly.

5] NLGC members are not required to change their gamertags, but if done it will grant you a free promotion.
(Example NLGCxMonsta)

6] NLGC members are required to attend at least two meetings a month to stay active in the community. And at least two meetings prior to any tournament to compete.

7] You must always have NLGC in your clan tag. This stands for Next Level 99s.. .

8] NLGC will not stand for any hacking, boosting, cheating, or modding. Anyone caught doing any of the sort will be removed.

9] The founders of NLGC will have ultimate rule.

NOTE---All members must follow the CoC in all serious situations. Please abide by this and we will have no issues.
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3rd Jan 2016

Conducting the codes!

Fishing at work!

Forum » Clan Important Documents » Important Documents
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