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2nd Jan 2014


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question (Q): How do I change the privacy settings for my motto, bio, and friend's list to be viewable to everyone?
Answer (A): The motto, bio, and friend's list for all NLG members must be viewable to everyone!
Follow these steps:
* Dashboard
* Settings
* Privacy
* Change Settings
* Customize
* Profile Sharing
***** Everyone
* Friend's List
***** Everyone

Q: How should i act within 99Nx

A: - Follow the code of conduct and be respectful to all members.

Q: How many promotions can I get in one meeting?

A: You can get up to two promotions at one time unless you have a name change. Then you are eligible for three

Q: I need to recruit to get my next promotion. How do I do that?

You simply find someone you want to join with us that is 18+ and follow the recruting standards to recruit them. Be sure to let them know about brigade meeting times.

Q: How do I update my rank on the website.
A: You simply post in the update my rank section of the clan important documents board of the forum. Be sure to do that in the correct format or your rank will not be updated.

Q: How should I act during a brigade meeting for 99Nx?
A: Always treat others like you want to be treated. Be sure to mute your mics until you are spoken to. That really helps with background noise while your COL is trying to host the meeting.
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Forum » Clan Important Documents » Important Documents
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