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For the ones who think they know !!!
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Joined: 1st Apr 2014
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29th Apr 2014

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

There is a great future in front of you, so leave your past behind.

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Joined: 1st Jan 2014
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9th May 2014

AWESOME!!! no wonder people think im so young outside of work! i like lookin at things as a kid would look it made life awesome but as we grow we start to kno the things that people called growing up when all i see it as is takin the magic out of life. As a kid waitin up for santa w/ family was awesome those little moments when the tragdey of life isnt there is the magic im talkin about My mom taught me to not grow up too soon but disney taught me that ur always a kid there are things that need to be learned mistakes to make and fun to have so being a kid Age is a mental state
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Forum » NLG Genral Chat » Random Chat
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