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Hello Legion!
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Joined: 6th Dec 2015
Rank: --
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14th Dec 2015

How's it gaming everyone? For those of you who don't know me I'm the new Lt. Colonel under Red. So first off a Thank you to Him and the council for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow as a leader in an awesome gaming community!

If for any reason you have any issues or are playing alone and see that I'm on just send me a message or party invite!
But overall just remember the code of conduct, it's there for a reason. We all like to joke around, just be sure it doesn't go too far.

Little about myself, I'm 24 living in Southern Cali but originally from just outside Pittsburgh, PA (Go Steelers!) left Active Duty Army about a year ago so now I'm starting school end of Jan. Married and have 2 Boys. You can usually catch me in the mornings during the week and late at night and weekends at night as well. I play a lot of Hardcore but if somebody needs me to I can play core just not nearly as efficiently ha ha.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Even if I'm not online I always have my phone and will use the smart glass app to send messages!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and get ready for the Christmas Noobs!!!

Bostrider2716, LTC
Joined: 1st Jan 2014
Rank: Founder
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14th Dec 2015

Christmas noobs are fun bro. Congratz on LTC. 
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Joined: 18th Dec 2015
Rank: --
Likes 13
20th Dec 2015

Bring on the noobs!!!! . Good recruiting time as well.
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Forum » NLG Genral Chat » Random Chat
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