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Joined: 1st Jan 2014
Rank: Co-Founder
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5th Feb 2014

Feel free to become friend on live If you just like casual gaming. I'm usually free on evenings. I'm always down to hang with by NLGC friends! If you aren't one If my friends yet add Intrcptr800 to your friends list! CYA!

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Joined: 1st Jan 2014
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9th Feb 2014

Joined: 1st Apr 2014
Rank: Clan General
Likes 39
16th Apr 2014

Cool, same here for ssabmudteytitog, aka "WTF, MUD, Dumb ass, tick toc" or what ever

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Joined: 4th Apr 2014
Rank: --
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21st Apr 2014

Will do add me as well i always could use more play time im srarting to get better since i joined up with NLGC so im always down for more practice
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