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Immortals meeting recap for 4-23-2014
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Joined: 1st Apr 2014
Rank: Clan General
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24th Apr 2014

Immortals meeting recap for 4-23-2014

Meeting started at 2100 hrs  hosted by (COL)NLGC X CamGirl.  Introductions were made by the below listed members and guest,.  COC  was read by (WO1) NLGC X Country.

(FNDR) NLGC x Monsta
(BG) NLGC x Apoclypz
(COL) NLGC x CamGirl
(LTC) WorkChutoy04
(WO2) NLGC x tankgirl
(SFC) ssabmudteytitog
(SSG) snowbucket707
(SPC Rudyp3012

Guest included:
(COL) TimSea
(SFC) NLGC Wicked Sin
(WO1) NLGC X Country
(SPC) keyz2life
(PFC) WhitechapelTDWP

Topics included the following

1. Clan Wars:  see (FNDR) NLGC X Monsta to sign up and to get more information
2. Voting on the website,  being active and making post
3. Always respect other members and players
4. Always use the proper recruiting procedures (send msg to the brigade account and also to
(BG)NLGC xApoclypz
5. Recruiting tournament for brigades :  starts  4-27-2014 and run thru 5-4-2014  (prizes awarded to winners)

Immortals Promotins:
Member                                     Promoted to
(SFC) ssabmudteytitog                  CSM
(SSG) snowbucket707                   SFC
(SPC) Rudyp3012                          SGT

Free For All:
1st     over all for Militia      (SGT GrimReaperDX 
1st      for Immortals           (CSM)ssabmudteytitog  
2nd     (WO!)NLGC X Country
3rd      (PFC)Whitechapel TDWP          

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Last Edit: 24th Apr 2014 by ssabmudteytitog
Forum » NLG Genral Chat » Random Chat
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