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Joined: 2nd Jan 2014
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17th Mar 2014

So I have noticed that a lot of the recruits we have been getting just are not active. in hopes of changing this I want to try and implement something new and I want your thoughts. So here is what im thinking I want to have a set day and time of every week where anyone that has recently been recruited or anyone that hasn't gamed with any uppers will meet with us and do some gaming. I don't really wana make it mandatory but I want it to be available and I want to encourage it. I want to be able to personally talk to these people and encourage the activity and im hoping this may help. On a side note make sure the people you are recruiting truly want to join let them know before you start the process what we expect and make sure they will be active not only on the game but the website as well. Give me your thoughts. Thanks DreDD
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Last Edit: 17th Mar 2014 by NLGC x DreDD
Joined: 2nd Jan 2014
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17th Mar 2014

I also think, since we going nuts on brigade split offs, one of the new brigades will only be for new recruits. Make sure they make two meetings before they start ranking up. Gives them feel for the clan and also for the meetings and how they are handled. New recruits will not be allowed to go to PFC untill they reach 2 meetings in the recruit brigade. Not trying to treat anyone like kids but we want people in this clan that are mature and friendly. Not coming in here and then leaving. Just saying....

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Forum » NLG Genral Chat » Random Chat
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