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Joined: 4th Jan 2014
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6th Aug 2014

As it stands I have tried to host two meetings for the immortals brigade and I've friend requested numerous  immortals members, hoping to gain some new friends on the brigade acct over the next few days, 

We have the recruiting tournament going on still, please report your numbers to the col of your brigade

Immortals - nlgc x karma
Militia - nlgc x yuppie
Reapers - nlgc x qwiqwi

:-)  SPEAKING OF RECRUITING ... any new recruits you receive please place them in immortals for now and build up numbers in brigades one at a time. ( xNLx Immortals )

When you recruit you need to 
A) send a message to the brigade account of who you recruited 
* helps keep track on spreadsheet
B) have your recruit send a friend request to the brigade account

 When you recruit you need a 2lt or higher with you if not able to please follow recruiting guidelines 18+ mature read c.o.c change motto and bio, also Change privacy settings to be able to open to view all  and do the above a&b ... 

Ty all hope to game with you soon
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Forum » NLG Genral Chat » Random Chat
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