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26th Jun 2014

Below is a link to a video for a very brave group of soldiers. On June 28 2005 a ch 47 was shot down by enemy fire. on board 8 NightStalkers and 8 Seals were KIA. In the video are my fellow NightStalkers that were lost that day but here 9 years later we are still remembering them. They will never be forgotten. This is the same group that made lone survivor a movie if you watch it you will see these same men in the trailer. I still pray for their families that are going through so much pain. " I serve with the memories and pride of those who have gone before me for they love to fight, fought to win and would rather die then Quit Night Stalkers don't quit.' ... p;type=3&theater
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26th Jun 2014

Awesome video brother
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