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Welcome To NLGC! Introduce Yourself.
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Joined: 1st Jan 2014
Rank: Founder
Likes 95
19th Jan 2014

First off I want to welcome everyone to NLGC.

I hope you all enjoy it here and have a great gaming experience with us.

I'm Monsta, one of the founders for NLGC. I am 22, live in SC, and run a HVAC company.

I play alot of Ghosts now and Black Ops II as well.

Hopefully you guys will get to know me.

And if you ever need anything just ask.
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Joined: 1st Jan 2014
Rank: --
Likes 35
24th Jan 2014

Hello everyone my name is NLGC x saten im 20 year old and i mostly play ghost but i will play anything. Im the BG of NLGC and if u need anything u can ask me or any of the uppers if u need to get a hold of me u can send me mail on my gamertag or on here also u can get a hold of my wife NLGC x tankgirl. Ok thx have a great day and play hard

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Joined: 4th Feb 2014
Rank: --
Likes 21
9th Feb 2014

Whats up everyone, My name Is TimSae online, but Tim works for short, I'm 21, I live in the great state of North Carolina which I love. I'm in College full time and usually play Black Ops 2 but I dable in almost any game. Hit me up for a game.
Joined: 26th Feb 2014
Rank: --
Likes 10
28th Feb 2014

Hello Everyone, I'm Satanic Klutch, Or my friends know me as Tommy. I'm 19, I live in Summit Hill, Pa. When I'm not on xbox i'm usually out at band practice or playing Gigs. Music consumes most of my life along with everyday adventures. Feel free to add me on xbox and game with me. I'm down for a game anytime im on.
Joined: 1st Apr 2014
Rank: Clan General
Likes 39
11th Apr 2014

Hello NLGC, my real name is Terry (AKA - ssabmudteytitog) or for those of you who are saying WTF kind of name tag is that, Its says " got it yet dumb ass" backwards. I've lived in Mississippi most of my life except for the years I was active in the Military. Army Veteran 11B (Infantry), My heart and soul is still part of the Military and always will be. The pic I sign with on the post, I'm the guy in the middle. That pic was taken at Fort Myers Va. during my last 4 years of active duty while I was stationed at Arlington National Cemetery in Washington DC. I enjoy playing COD cause I'm to damn old to do it for real anymore. I have worked for a local police department for the past 27 years in charge of a E911 Communication Center and other equipment around the department. (((( And yes I grew up in the 60s and 70s )))) Looking forward to retirement. Lets kick some ass NLGC.

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Joined: 2nd Jan 2014
Rank: Co-Founder
Likes 62
13th Apr 2014

I cant believe that I havent posted on here yet.
Hi, Im NLGC x Ghosting, Im one of the Co Founders and I currently play... NOTHING! haha, I will try to get back online here shortly though.

Fishing at work!

Joined: 4th Apr 2014
Rank: --
Likes 2
14th Apr 2014

Hello my name is josh im 28 and i live in IL, i play black ops 2 mostly. if anyone wants to play just send me a friend request on the 360
Joined: 19th Nov 2013
Rank: --
Likes 2
25th Jun 2014

Hola im skaterboy247 u can call me skate or monsters baby daddy lol.ill play anything but core on if i have u got hit me up ill play with ya
Joined: 13th Jul 2014
Rank: --
Likes 3
16th Jul 2014

Of course im Tim. I joined up a couple of days ago but have been to busy to really play around on the website! on the 360 I only have ghosts but if you have a one i have most games there. Im COL of Mayhem (the ghosts brigade). we are growing quickly with over 15 members in two days! I have liked everyone in the clan that i have already met, but if havent met you yet feel free to invite me to an xbox party ANYTIME that im on! If i dont join then ill atleast invite you later! i live in a small town in Arkansas about 3 hours away from any large city. I used to play baseball, soccer, and basket ball but due to recent injuries i do not play any! Anyways if you have any questions or requests feel free to message me!
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Joined: 4th Jul 2014
Rank: --
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22nd Jul 2014

Hey guys my name is Braiyden aka NLGC x SubZero, i have been in a couple of clans and thos has been the best clan that ive been in so far. I live in alberta canada and i play gta 5 and black ops 2
Joined: 5th Oct 2014
Rank: --
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27th Oct 2014

Hello I'm DGU Cerberus I am new to the clan I'd like to change my name to something else I play anything really I live in Anderson Indiana if there is a game u want me to play let me know if I don't have it I'll try to get it as I get money as I said I play just about anything I don't have a most played game erm but if ya want to play message me and I'll clear a space for ya on my friends list My name is Zach by the way
Last Edit: 27th Oct 2014 by NLGC Cerberus
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