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What branch of the military do you want to join?
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Joined: 1st Jan 2014
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9th Feb 2014

I will be signing an 20 year contract in the marine corps.
Joined: 4th Feb 2014
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9th Feb 2014

20 years is a long contract to give, if you haven't already been in. I live outside of Camp Lejune Marine Corps Base in Jacksonville NC There are many guys who fall for the recruiter BS but there are also a lot of guys who love their careers for the USMC. My girlfriends dad for example, a 23 year career Marine who just retired and misses it already. If i had to join it would be the USMC, they're the baddest combat soldier in the world bar none (the army would argue but i disagree). I have a lot of respect for every service men/women and what they do for our country and i applaud your sacrifice you're willing to give for our country and the freedom all American citizens enjoy every day. Thank you for your future service.
Joined: 1st Apr 2014
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4th Apr 2014

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